Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 30th, 2009

I gotta stop doing this to myself . . . I seem to be raising the bar with every shot I take for this image of the day thing! Another elemental shot . . . water, this time. This was a super fun shot to set up, but boy - getting the timing right on capturing the drops was the hardest part! Of the 75 images I took, I got mostly ripples! There are a few gems, including the one below. To see the rest of the shoot, head over here:

Shot with the 70-300 macro with the camera mounted on a tripod. SB900 mounted on top of the camera and an SB800 firing from off to the right on remote. Shutter speed was 250th of a second at f8.0. Used a deep dish full of water and an medicine dropper to get the single drops to fall on cue.

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  1. Damn Paul, this shot is awesome! I am so jealous!